Products and Services

What Intelligence products and services does the West Midlands Commissioning Support Unit provide?

Health Intelligence: evidence synthesis and policy ...

  • Commissioning policies
  • Evidence Reviews

    - Rapid Evidence Reviews
    - Systematic Reviews
    - Health Technology Assessments
  • Bespoke reports and briefing papers to support evidence based commissioning


Health Intelligence: Data Analysis and Information ...

  • Health needs assessments
  • Health services reviews
  • Equity audits
  • Datasets to support commissioning
  • Specifications for evidence based care pathways
  • Service specifications
  • Mapping of health need and healthcare services


Health Intelligence: Database Management, Analyses, Information, Intelligence Reports...

  • We host the West Midlands A&E Surveillance Centre, which captures and analyses the A& E Commissioning Dataset collected by Emergency Departments in the West Midlands Region
  • We produce the annual Key Health Data Report, which is a collaborative project between a range of West Midlands intelligence organisations. The report signposts reliable health, healthcare, environmental and social information and highlights the variation across the region

Key Health Data Report

2010 – 2011 Key Health Data Report is only available online this year


Education, Training and CPD ...

  • Our staff teach undergraduates studying medicine at the University of Birmingham
  • We provide teaching and research supervision to students on the Masters in Public Health course at the University of Birmingham
  • We train Public Health Registrars on the West Midlands Public Health Training Scheme  - 

    Training Co-ordinator: Dr Edwina Affie
    The WMCSU provides year long placements for Public Health Registrars who are post part B.

    Registrars wishing to have a placement with the WMCSU should, in the first instance, discuss this with Dr Rob Cooper at the West Midlands Deanery.
  • We provide education and training to Clinical Commissioning Consortia, and professionals working to commission health services (Consultants in Public Health Medicine, Managers, General Practitioners, Consultants and other Clinicians)


Dissemination ...

  • Our website provides a central point for access to and dissemination of our health intelligence products.
  • We are due to launch an online database of all West Midlands Regional Commissioning Policies and West Midlands Primary Care Trusts Commissioning Policies. This will enable commissioners to identify the agreed policies operating across all PCTs and to share the commissioning policies operating at individual PCT level.
  • We are collecting, collating and presenting the evidence reviews and the decision making process behind PCT Individual Funding Requests judgements across the region. This will be available to commissioners in 2011, and will provide surveillance of IFRs and reduce unnecessary duplication of effort.


Commissioned Work and Consultancy ...

  • We also undertake specifically commissioned work on a commercial basis.
  • We can provide consultancy to NHS commissioners and providers
  • Our staff are chosen because of the high level of expertise and achievement in their respective fields
  • Being part of the University of Birmingham allows us access to internationally renowned experts who can be brought in to work on complex, difficult projects requiring methodologically robust approaches