The Rheumatology Research Group (RRG)

Members of R2P2 support a range of research activities within the University of Birmingham’s Rheumatology Research Group (RRG)

A key objective of our research is to improve clinical outcomes for those with, and at risk of developing, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjögren’s syndrome and Lupus. Our multidisciplinary team of academic and clinical rheumatologists, general practitioners, biological and social scientists, allied health professionals and patient representatives works in an integrated way to develop and deliver our research objectives.

The RRG group promotes collaborative and multidisciplinary research. Such collaborations include those with basic scientists, those running clinical studies and researchers using qualitative and survey methods to explore behavioural medicine issues in a community setting. The RRG has a strong focus on patient and public involvement which is being led by Dr Rebecca Stack and coordinated by the R2P2 steering panel