Trial Documentation

DREAMS Documentation 

This DREAMS documentation is for use by DREAMS collaborators and does not constitute advice or guidance for DREAMS trial participants. They are property of the University of Birmingham. 

Collaborating sites should contact the DREAMS study office to obtain paper copies of case report forms. 

Below is a list of all of the trial documentation currently used in the DREAMS trial:

 Unfortunately following forms cannot be made available online as they are either site-specific or are not intellectual property of BCTU and can only be made available in paper format. Please contact BCTU in order to obtain a copy:

  • Consent form - Version 2.0 - 27/01/2011
  • Patient Information Sheet - Version 2.0 – 27/01/2011 
  • GP Letter - Version 1.0 – 29/10/2010
  • PONV Intensity Scale_validated
  • EQ5D Immediately Prior to Surgery
  • EQ5D Post-Operative Day 5
  • EQ5D 30 Day form


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