Please contact the FOxTROT Study Office if you have queries relating to the trial:


                              Tel:  0121 415 9105     Fax: 0121 415 8871

Those which are commonly asked will include be added to this page in due course, so please check here in the future even if you have not found the answer you were after on this visit.

What do I do if I am intrested in participating in FOxTROT?

If you would like to participate in the FOxTROT Trial then please download and completed the Site Registration Form and send it back to the FOxTROT Trial office.

Alternatively for further infromation contact the FOxTROT Trial office


Tel:      0121 415 9105

Fax:     0121 415 8871

How do I randomise a patient into the FOxTROT Trial?

To randomise a patient into the FOxTROT Trial Please call the randomisation line on:

                  Tel: 0800953 0274 (toll free in the uk) or +44 (0)121 415 9137

Telephone randomisation is avaliable Monday-Friday 0900-1700 UK time

Randomisation notepads should be used to collate the necessary information and completed prior to randomisation.

Click here to download a copy of the FOxTROT Randomisation Notepad