If you would like to attend any of the meetings please contact the FOxTROT Trial office to register your interest and for further information:

Tel: 0121 415 9105
Fax: 0121 415 8871

Upcoming meetings...

We currently have no meetings planned. 

If you feel that your site may benefit from a meeting, please contact the FOxTROT trials team by email on to arrange a teleconference.


Radiology and Pathology Workshop

A site MUST have a FOxTROT trained radiologist to begin recruiting patients into the trial because they will be responsible for identifying potential participants

The most recent FOxTROT radiology workshop was successfully held Monday 15th December 2014 and was a success with 16 attendees.  There is currently no future workshops arranged; however

Workshops are hosted by Professor Gina Brown (Royal Marsden Hospital) and take approximately half a day.  We are pleased to announce that the workshop can now be broadcast via webinar, which we feel will allow for greater attendee numbers.

Attendance of this workshop is worth 1 CPD credit.  Please contact the FOxTROT Trial Office if you wish to express an interest for future workshops, whether as a radiologist new to the trial or a pre-existing radiologist and would like a refresher. 

There are no pathology workshops planned.  If you have any queries or concerns regarding that part of the trial please contact the FOxTROT Trial Office.

Tel:  0121 415 9105
Fax:  0121 415 8871








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