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The PEXIVAS Trial Team are always here to help.  For further information about the PEXIVAS  trial please contact us:

General enquiries:

For queries about collection of data and data analysis please contact the Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit (BCTU):

Postal address:
PEXIVAS Trial Office
Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit
Robert Aitken Institute
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
Birmingham B15 2TT

Freepost address:
PEXIVAS Trials Office
Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit
Robert Aitken Institute
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
Birmingham B15 2TT

Fax:  +44 (0)121 415 9135


PEXIVAS trial staff:

Elizabeth Brettell  Trials Manager +44 (0)121 415 9130
Emma Barsoum
 Trial Co-ordinator +44 (0)121 415 9133
Noreen Akhtar
 Trial Administrator +44 (0)121 415 9131
Charmaine Meek
 Trial Administrator +44 (0)121 415 9132
Gemma Ryan
 Data Manager +44 (0)121 415 9134
Terry Hughes  Data Manager +44 (0)121 415 9131

PEXIVAS Chief Investigators:

Dr David Jayne (Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom)

Dr Peter A. Merkel (Boston University Medical School, Boston, USA)

Dr Michael Walsh (McMaster University Heath Science Centre, Hamilton, Canada)

Worldwide PEXIVAS study offices:


Dr David Jayne, Dr Alina Casian and Biljana Brezina, Vasculitis Research Office, Box 57 / Box 246, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 0QQ, United Kingdom, Tel: 01223 217259, Fax: 01223 586796.


Dr Peter Merkel and Carol A. McAlear, Vasculitis Center, E5, Boston University School of Medicine, 72 East Concord Street E533, Boston, MA, 02118, USA, Tel: +01 617 414 2501, Fax: +01 617 414 2510.


Dr. Michael Walsh, Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Room 2C9, 1200 West Street Main, McMaster University Health Science Centre, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 3Z5, Canada, Tel: +1 905 525 9140 ext 22876, Fax: +1 905 524 3841.


Chen Au Peh and Carmel Hawley, University of Queensland, Level 1, Building 33, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Ipswich Rd, Wooloongabba, QLD 4102, Australia, Phone: +61 732402625.

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