On behalf of the Chief Investigator and the Renal Trials team we would like to thank all of our PREDNOS collaborators for their continued participation and support with the study.

During the first few months of PREDNOS recruitment was ahead of target, however since January 2012 we are slightly behind in our recruitment target. We have however recruited more sites than initially planned and we are pleased to have so many UK sites on-board. Responses from PREDNOS investigators’ conclude that there may be fewer patients presenting over the past few months than expected, rather than patients being missed or not wishing to participate. Despite the reduction in recruitment rate we are still positive recruitment could be met on time and would just like to thank you for all your interest in PREDNOS. We hope all of our centres have enjoyed working on the study so far and continue to enjoy working on the study as well as helping to find new patients.  

If you wish to speak to one of the trials team about the study, or to discuss why your site may be experiencing difficulties with recruitment, we are always here to help, please contact the team.