Frequently asked questions 

Here is a list of the most commonly questions the BUS team get asked. If there is anything you would like to see adding, plase get in touch with the Trial Co-ordinator.

Q: Which other sites are involved in the study?

A: See our list of collaborating centres - click here


Q: Will the hospital trust receive any payment for taking part?

A: A £200 per patient payment is avialbale for the first 300 patients recruited in to BUS (outside the BBC CLRN area only) to help with any costs incurred in providing the scan.


Q: Can the Bladder Ultrasound and Urodynamics Tests be undertaken in the same clinic.

A: Yes, in fact most sites have found this the best way of ensuring their patients recieve both tests. It is important, however, to ensure that the two tests are blinded to each other.


Q:Can we register patients online?

A: Yes, we now have online registration available as an alternative to the freephone registration line. You will need a username and password. Please contact the Trial Co-ordinator for further details.


Q: Can we enter the case report forms remotely?

A: No, we are asking that all the forms (excluding the registration form that needs faxing) continue to be returned in the pre-paid envelopes - along with the UDS traces and bladder scans (preferably in DICOM format).


Q: When does recruitment end?

A: The study closes to new recruits on 31 March 2013, but follow-up of registered patients will continue for a further 6 months. this is undertaken at BCTU, but the Trial Co-ordinator may contact centres if there are any issues trying to get hold of patients.