What's happening in BUS 


March 2013

  • We currently have 30 UK Centres approved to participate in BUS & from these we have recruited 667 patients to date. 
  • Centres should be aware that, having reached our quota, we will be unable to process any further reimbursements for registrations after 1 March 2013.
  • We have until 31 March 2013 to recruit as many more patients as possible, at which point the study will close to recruitment.
  • Once recruitment is complete we will continue with 6 month follow-up of patients until September 2013, after which the study team will begin analysis and write-up.
  • The P.I. at those centres recruiting over 90 patients will be named as authors. For centres recruiting over 5 patients, the site name will appear with number of recruits listed.


12 December 2012: Joint Trial Steering & Data Monitoring Committee Meeting

Our recent Trial Steering and Data Monitoring Committee Meeting was pleased with the progression of the study and confirmed that it was happy for the study to continue without further interim analysis. 

7 January 2013: HTA Report

We recently submitted our latest study report to our funders.