Trial Management

Professor Johnson "The UK is the best place in the world to run trials, with consequent ‘wealth and health’ benefits"

The CRCTU has 5 trial management teams, one specialising in adult early drug development; one specialising in both early and late phase paediatric trials; one specialising in both early and late phase haematology trials; and two specialising in adult late phase (randomised) trials.

Teams & Managers

Children’s Cancer Trials Team (CCTT) 
Miss Nicola Fenwick

Early Drug Development Team (EDD)
Dr Laura Crack

Haematology Team (including TAP)
Miss Shamyla Siddique 

Late Phase A Team† 
Dr Sarah Bowden 

Late Phase B Team‡ 
Miss Claire Gaunt

† Specialising in gastrointestinal, gynae-cological, hepatobiliary, lung & urological cancer, and sarcoma 
‡ Specialising in breast & skin cancer, supportive care and radiotherapy trials 

Structure of the Teams

Each trial management team is split into a number of disease site or specialist groups led by a senior member of staff. Group consists of (Senior) Trial Coordinators, Trial Administrators, Data Managers and Randomisation Officers

A number of specialist Research Nurses also work within the EDD, Haematology and Late Phase A Teams.

Role of the Teams
To assist investigators in every aspect of clinical trial management including but not limited to:

  • Submitting funding applications
  • Writing protocols and Patient Information Sheets
  • Designing Case Report Forms
  • Submitting ethics and regulatory applications
  • Site set up and monitoring
  • Randomisation
  • Data Management
  • Investigational Medicinal Product management
  • Pharmacovigilance reporting

The EDD, Haematology and Late Phase A Teams also have the capability to act as a clinical centre, recruiting patients into a number of academic and pharmaceutical trials. To this end the CRCTU has very close links with local hospitals and offices at the Heamatology Department in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and at City Hospital, Birmingham.