The Primary Care Clinical Research and Clinical Trials Unit (PC-CRTU) has been conducting clinical trials since 1985 and has an excellent track record in designing, implementing, coordinating, monitoring, analysing and publishing trials.

The Primary Care Clinical Research & Trials Unit (PC-CRTU) is one of 46 Registered Trials Units in the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC). Eligibility to be part of this network requires units to demonstrate that they are capable of the following:

  • Centrally co-ordinating multi-centre clinical trials and other well designed studies
  • Taking overall responsibility for the design, conduct, data management, publicity and analysis of a trial in line with appropriate standards and regulations

PC-CRTU coordinates both large and small community-based clinical research and trials (selection, recruitment, training, randomisation, data management and data validation). The PC-CRTU has links across the region and throughout the UK with access to more than 3000 GPs, in almost 700 practices across England and Wales, covering an estimated patient population of over four million. PC-CRTU works closely with the Clinical Research Network: West Midlands (CRN-WM).

Housed in the prestigious University of Birmingham PC-CRTU has strong links to Secondary Care Trusts and with local networks of Primary Care, Cancer, Mental Health, Medicine for Children, Stroke and the CLRN. PC-CRTU has been proactively building relationships with these new key organisations: CCGs, Academic Health Science Networks, Clinical Senates and Strategic Clinical Networks. The PC-CRTU has close links to several academic departments working on primary care-related studies on a local and national level.

The aims of the PC-CRTU are:

  • To deliver high quality research in community-based settings
  • To enable primary care teams to participate in relevant and timely research
  • To facilitate quality assurance in the execution of research in general practice
  • To help individuals working in primary care to develop their research skills