MidRec Objectives

What are MidReC's objectives?

MidReC's major remit is to enable the participation and collaboration of primary care teams in high-quality research that has been externally peer-reviewed and has received external funding. Concurrent objectives are to facilitate quality assurance in the execution of research in practice, and 'added value' for primary care practitioners in this process by facilitating their research skills, development and aspirations in collaboration with other research support facilities. 

How are these objectives achieved?

MidReC operates by:

  • Seeking, and managing NHS R&D funding to compensate practices' service costs incurred in supporting externally funded research. This includes practitioner time, practice resources or equipment used in executing research protocols, and associated training.
  • Liaison with researchers prior to grant applications, including pre-protocol and pilot work.
  • Working with research teams to appropriately target and facilitate practice recruitment and participation in studies.
  • Working with research teams to facilitate appropriate training and delivery of quality assurance for studies in practices.
  • Collaboration with others (for example, 'Budget 2' R&D capacity building initiatives, research teams, education and development networks) to facilitate research learning, opportunities and development for primary care practitioners.
  • The involvement of NHS users/other stakeholders in research that MidReC hosts.