MidRec's Research Requirements

research requirementsMidReC's Expectations of Researchers

In order to achieve effective collaboration, MidReC's expectations of researchers include:

1. Discussion prior to grant application and protocol development, including confirmation of service costs, expected MidReC roles (e.g. recruitment , training and quality assurance).
2. As appropriate to the level of MidReC facilitation required, the designation of appropriate resource from proposed grant/research team (this may vary from minimal to more significant resource).
3. A one-page summary of the study for review in MidReC's appraisal process.
4. Written information, developed with MidReC if appropriate, detailing precise study protocols and guidance for execution in practice by primary care teams.
5. Participation in project meetings when appropriate.
6. Working with the MidReC team to support quality assurance for their research in practice.
7. Named MidReC collaboration on grant proposals (or co-application when appropriate).
8. Named contributorship on all published outputs or other literature (or authorship if appropriate).

Note: the above will be incorporated as appropriate into a contract with the research team.

Appraisal of research proposals

All potential proposals enter a two-stage appraisal process prior to confirmation of MidReC collaboration. They are initially assessed by three members of the MidReC core team in relation to research priorities and projected consortium capacity. Recommendations are then made to the MidReC management group who consider proposals to accept or reject collaboration. The advice of external reviewers may be sought by MidReC. An 'appeal' mechanism is available for rejected proposals.