Working with MidRec

working with midrecWhat can you expect from MidReC?

Primary care practitioners

MidReC welcomes enquiries from any primary care practice or practitioner, including nurses, doctors, managers, administrative or support staff, and other primary care workers.

Interest in becoming a consortium member, enabling supported participation in research, will be followed up with further information about practice benefits and requirements. The MidReC facilitation team is able to offer advice to primary care practitioners interested in research participation or development.

Interest in learning about or developing research (including opportunities to gain research skills, develop research ideas, protocols, supervision or applications for funding) will be supported as appropriate through MidReC's collaboration with others. This may include liaison with, or signposting to, research support and other opportunities for practitioners.

Information about these opportunities including MSc modules, research bursaries and fellowships are available from the Department of Primary Care & Clinical Sciences.

Given national policy that NHS R&D levy investment must support high-quality research, MidReC will prioritise collaboration in research that can contribute to (and be supervised within) academic primary care research programmes. At the University of Birmingham these comprise cardiovascular disease, screening & clinical decision making, gastrointestinal disease, and health inequalities (including ethnicity and mental health).


MidReC is able to offer different levels of support to researchers including:

  • Liaison prior to grant applications, including protocol development and pilot work.
  • Advice about service costs and implications for executing their research in primary care.
  • Access as appropriate to the MidReC practice network and database.
  • Joint working to appropriately target and facilitate practice recruitment/participation in studies.
  • Joint working to identify/exclude patients/controls from practice systems.
  • Joint working to facilitate training and delivery of quality assurance for studies in practices.

working with midrecStudies where MidReC collaboration in grant proposals is sought, or where MidReC participation in successfully-funded studies is requested (where MidReC were not previously involved), will enter an appraisal process.