Eligibility and trial size

How many patients are involved?

We aim to recruit 60 patients. They will be entered into one of two groups; those who are given extra support and motivation to increase exercise levels and those who receive usual diabetes care. 

The first patient entered the study in April 2011.

Who can enter?

Inclusion criteria:

1) age 16 and 60 years

2) diagnosed with T1D within the previous twelve weeks.

3) feel able to increase their current levels of exercise

4) safe to exercise

5) willing to self-monitor and record blood glucose levels

6) willing to take insulin as part of a multiple dose injection regime,

Exclusion criteria:

Some people are not suitable to enter the study. This includes those who

1) psychological or physical disease that prevents exercise

2) concomitant therapy that affects heart rate (e.g. beta blocker, calcium channel antagonist),

3) major surgery or other event planned that would prevent exercise for more than six weeks,

4) pregnancy or planning pregnancy,

5) uncontrolled blood pressure (greater than 180/100mmHg).