Nurse holding elderly patient's hand.Here is a list of clinical research trials which are managed and hosted through PCCRTU.  This demonstrates the range of expertise and collaboration which we offer to researchers.

  • ASPIRE -  A study promoting the influenza response in the elderly
  • BAFTA - Birmingham Atrial Fibrillation Treatment of the Aged (BAFTA) Follow-up Study
  • CREDIBLE - ColoRectal Early Diagnosis: Information Based Local Evaluation
  • ExACT - Extended anticoagulation treatment for VTE: a randomised trial
  • EXTOD - Examining the barriers and benefits of exercise in type 1 diabetes mellitus
  • HEAT - Helicobacter eradication to prevent ulcer bleeding in aspirin users: a large simple randomised controlled trial
  • REFER - (REFer for EchocaRdiogram) - A Prospective Validation of a Clinical Decision Rule, NT-proBNP, or their combination, in the Diagnosis of Heart Failure in Primary Care