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Our vision is to find solutions to global challenges. With one of the largest groupings of microbiologists in the world, we are at the vanguard of innovative research into combatting antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance. We do this with a three-pronged approach: diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

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Posted 20 June 2016

School staff join Microbiology bash

Three members of the School of Biosciences, Shivanni Singh, Anne-Marie Krachler and Steve Busby are speaking at MIcrobe2016 over the weekend in Boston, USA. This is the world's biggest Microbiology Meeting with over 7,000 participants.

Posted 08 June 2016

Mobile laboratories help track Zika spread across Brazil

Researchers from the University of Birmingham are working with health partners in Brazil to combat the spread of Zika virus by deploying a pair of mobile DNA sequencing laboratories on a medical 'road trip' through the worst-hit areas of the country.

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