Research groups within the theme

Dr Saverio Brogna - Pre-mRNA processing and eukaryotic gene expression

Professor Chris Bunce - Translational leukaemia and lymphoma research

Dr Juliet Coates - Plant development and evolution

Dr Yun Fan - Regulation of apoptosis and compensatory cell proliferation in tissue homeostasis

Professor John Heath - Growth factors, receptors and human disease

Dr Alicia Hidalgo - Developmental Neuro-Plasticity

Dr Neil Hotchin - Rho GTPases, cell adhesion, epithelial cells.

Dr Aditi Kanhere understanding how non-coding RNA, transcription factors and epigenetic modifications regulate gene expression changes in normal and diseased conditions

Dr Francesco Michelangeli - Calcium: signalling, homeostasis, ATPase; IP3 and ryanodine receptors

Dr Stephen Publicover - Signal transduction and regulation of activity in human sperm. Human fertility.

Dr Joshua Rappoport - The role of vesicle trafficking during cell motility.

Dr Janet Smith - Skeletal muscle stem cell biology and skeletal muscle disease.

Dr Matthias Soller - Post-transcriptionally controlled gene networks in neuronal development and function.

Dr Michael Tomlinson - Regulation of platelet and endothelial cell surface receptors by tetraspanin microdomains.

Professor Mark Wheatley - The structure and function G-protein-coupled receptors with peptide ligands.



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