Undergraduate degree courses 

The University of Birmingham is one of the largest Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) establishments in the United Kingdom and is providing leadership for the National Higher Education STEM Programme.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences College at the University of Birmingham incorporates nine Schools of Science and Engineering providing a high quality education and a robust foundation for a fulfilling career in industry. 

The Industrial advisory group for Nuclear MSc Programmes recognise that the nuclear industry requires a breadth of skills and capabilities from electrical engineers to chemical engineers and nuclear physicists and so there are numerous routes to a fulfilling career.

Nuclear undergraduate courses

The University of Birmingham offers undergraduate degrees in

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Related undergraduate courses

In addition to the Nuclear Engineering Undergraduate Degree, the University of Birmingham awards a number of Undergraduate Degrees in related disciplines.

Energy Engineering. These new degree courses were piloted in 2007/08 and will ultimately allow accreditation from both the professional institution corresponding to the main subject discipline and the Institute of Energy. They are built around adding core energy modules to the main Chemical, Civil, Electrical or Materials Science degree.

Biosciences. The School of Bioscience delivers degree courses including Biological Sciences and Biochemistry.

Chemistry.  The School of Chemistry delivers degree courses including Chemistry with Environmental Science.

Civil Engineering. The School of Civil Engineering delivers degree courses including Civil and Energy Engineering

Chemical Engineering.  The School of Chemical Engineering delivers degree courses including Chemical and Energy Engineering.

Computer Science. The School of Computer Science delivers degree courses including Artificial Intelligence and Electronic and Software Engineering.

Electronic, Electrical and Computing Engineering. The School delivers degree courses including Electrical and Energy Engineering, Computer Interactive Systems and Computer and Communication Systems Engineering.

Geography, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences.  The Schools deliver degree courses including Environmental Science and Environmental Management.

Mathematics.  The School of Mathematics delivers degree courses including Mathematical Engineering.

Metallurgy and Materials. The School of Metallurgy and Materials delivers degree courses including Materials Science and Technology, Mechanical and Materials Engineering and  Materials Science and Energy Engineering.

Physics and Astronomy. The School delivers degree courses including Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology and offers the potential for a year in computer science.