Behaviour, physiology and ecology

Behaviour, physiology and ecology research includes the following areas:

  • Comparative vertebrate chronobiology: mechanisms and functions of biological clocks (Dr Roland Brandstaetter)
  • Physiology of exercise and field energetics in vertebrates (Professor Pat Butler)
  • Orangutan skeletonStatistical models for understanding ecological processes (Dr Phillip Cassey)
  • Avian physical cognition and tool use (Dr Jackie Chappell)
  • Avian Sensory Science. Eye structure, visual fields, and visual capacities of birds in relation to ecological and behavioural problems (Professor Graham Martin)
  • Interactions between plants and their environment (physical and biological) (Professor Malcolm Press)
  • Nutrient acquisition and utilisation by reproductive birds (Dr Jim Reynolds)
  • Primate locomotor ecology, evolution of bipedalism and vertebrate musculo-skeletal biomechanics (Dr Susannah Thorpe)