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European Journal for Philosophy of Religion

European Journal for Philosophy of Religion is a peer-reviewed international scholarly journal devoted to the problems in the philosophy of religion. EJPR is edited at the Center for Global Ethics at the Metropolitan University Prague in partnership with the John Hick Centre for Philosophy of Religion. Yujin Nagasawa is Co-Editor and Review Editor of the journal. David Cheetham is also a member of the editorial board.


Philosophy Compass

Unique in both range and approach, Philosophy Compass is an online-only journal publishing peer-reviewed survey articles of the most important research from and current thinking from across the entire discipline. In an age of hyper-specialization, Philosophy Compass provides an ideal starting point for the non-specialist, offering  pointers for researchers, teachers and students alike, to help them find and interpret the best research in the field. Yujin Nagasawa is Philosophy of Religion Editor of the journal. 



Studies in Interreligious Dialogue

This is a peer-reviewed journal that welcomes articles from scholars engaged in the study of religious diversity and inter-religious encounter. David Cheetham serves as Co-Editor.



Recent books


  • Cheetham, David (2012), Ways of Meeting and the Theology of Religions: A Philosophical Exploration, Aldershot: Ashgate.
  • Cheetham, David and Mark Cartledge (eds.) (2011), Intercultural Theology, SCM Press.
  • Cheetham, David and Rolf King (eds.) (2008), Contemporary Practice and Method in the Philosophy of Religion: New Essays, Continuum. , Continuum.
  • Cheetham, David (2007), Understanding the Theology of Religions: the Architecture of Encounter.
  • Cheetham, David (2003), John Hick, Aldershot & Burlington, Ashgate Publishing, 2003.
  • Felderhof, Marius (forthcoming), Revisiting Christianity, Ashgate.
  • Felderhof, Marius (forthcoming), The Philosophy of Religious Education.
  • Felderhof, Marius, Penny Thompson and David Torevell (eds.) (2007), Inspiring Faith in Schools, Ashgate.
  • Nagasawa, Yujin (ed.) (2012), Scientific Approaches to the Philosophy of Religion, Baskingstoke, Hampshire, Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Nagasawa, Yujin (2011), The Existence of God: A Philosophical Introduction, Routledge.
  • Nagasawa, Yujin (ed.) (2011), Special Issue on Anselmian Theism, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion.
  • Nagasawa, Yujin (2008), God and Phenomenal Consciousness: A Novel Approach to Knowledge Arguments, Cambridge University Press.
  • Nagasawa, Yujin and Erik J. Wielenberg (2008), New Waves in Philosophy of Religion, Basingstoke, Hampshire, Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Sharada Sugirtharajah (ed.) (2012), Religious Pluralism and the Modern World: An Ongoing Engagement with John Hick, Basingstoke, Hampshire, Palgrave Macmillan. 
  • Thomas, David (forthcoming), Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History, volume 3, Brill.
  • Thomas, David (forthcoming), Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History, volume 2, Brill.
  • Thomas, David (2009), Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History, volume 1, Brill.
  • Thomas, David (2008), Christian Doctrines in Islamic Theology, Brill.
  • Thomas, David (2007), The Bible in Arab Christianity, Brill.




David Cheetham

  • Cheetham, David (2011), ‘Intercultural Theology and Inter-religious Studies’ in D. Cheetham & M. Cartledge, eds., Intercultural Theology, London: SCM Press.
  • Cheetham, David (2010), ‘Exploring the Aesthetic “Space” for Interreligious Encounter’, Exchange: Journal of Missiological and Ecumenical Research, 39/1.
  • Cheetham, David (2010), Scriptural Reasoning:  Texts and/or Tents?’, Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, 21/3.
  • Cheetham, David (2009), ‘Inclusivisms – introductory preface’ in A. Race, P.Hedges, eds., Christian Approaches to Other Faiths: A Reader, London: SCM Press.
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  • Cheetham, David (2008), ‘Comparative Philosophy of Religion’, in David Cheetham & Rolfe King, eds, Contemporary Practice and Method in the Philosophy of Religion, London: Continuum.
  • Cheetham, David (2007), ‘The Encounter between faiths and an “Aesthetic Attitude”‘ for The Heythrop Journal XLVIII, January.
  • Cheetham, David (2007), ‘The Global Ethic: Critique and Contribution of Post-secular Theology’ Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, 18/1, January.
  • Cheetham, David (2007), ‘Post-secular Theology’, [in Chinese] in Secularisation and Religionisation in Europe and East Asia: A Comparison, University of Wuhan, China.
  • Cheetham, David (2007), ‘Aesthetics and the Meeting of Religions’ [trans. into Chinese] Bulletin of Theology and Aesthetics, University of Xiangfan, China.
  • Cheetham, David (2006), ‘The Other: Hindus and Buddhists’; Cambridge History of Christianity 1914-2000 Vol.9 , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Cheetham, David (2006), ‘The Other: Theologies of Religions’ Cambridge History of Christianity 1914-2000, Vol.9 , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Cheetham, David (2006), ‘The Role of Theology and Religion in Public Discourse’, in V. Mortensen, ed., Religion and Society:  Crossdisciplinary European Perspectives, Aarhus: Univers.
  • Cheetham, David (2006), ‘Liberal Pluralism, Radical Orthodoxy and the Right Tone of Voice’ for Sophia 45/2.
  • Cheetham, David (2005), ‘Sikhismus: II. Missionswissenschaftlich’, in Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart, Vol.8, Tubingen: Mohr Seibeck.
  • Cheetham, David (2005), ‘The University and Interfaith Education’ for Studies in Inter-religious Dialogue, Vol. 15, Issue 1, pp.16-35.
  • Cheetham, David (2002), ‘G. D’Costa, The Meeting of Religions and the TrinityWorld Faiths Encounter.
  • Cheetham, David (2000), ‘Postmodern Freedom and Religion’, Theology, Vol. CIII, No.811, January/February.


Marius Felderhof

  • Felderhof, Marius (2010), ‘Degeneracy and English Religious Education’, Journal of Beliefs and Values 31, pp.155-164.
  • Felderhof, Marius (2009), ‘Temperance, with a Consideration of Evil, Violence and Pedagogy’, Journal of Beliefs and Value 30, pp. 145-158.
  • Felderhof, Marius (2008), ‘The Unfriendly Agora and Secular Hypocrisy’, Journal of Beliefs and Value 29, pp.97-100.
  • Felderhof, Marius and Simone E. Whitehouse (2007), ‘The 2007 Birmingham Agreed Syllabus: Educating Pupils and the Community, M. Grimmitt (ed.) Religious Education and Social and Community Cohesion, McCrimmons.
  • Felderhof, Marius and W. S. Campbell (2007), ‘A Pioneering Experiment: A Report on Islamic Education within a Teaching Qualification’, Journal of Beliefs and Values 28 pp. 297 – 308.
  • Felderhof, Marius (2005), ‘Professionalisng (Religious) Education’, Journal of Beliefs and Values. 26, pp.119-122 [Guest Editor of the whole issue].
  • Felderhof, Marius (2005), ‘R.E.: Religions, Equality and Curriculum Time’, Journal of Beliefs and Value 26, pp.201-214.
  • Felderhof, Marius (2004), ‘Evil: Theodicy or Resistance” in The Scottish Journal of Theology 57.


Yujin Nagasawa

  • Nagasawa, Yujin (2013), ‘MaximalGod and the Problem of Evil’, in Jeanine Diller and Asa Kasher (eds.), Models of God and Other Ultimate Realities, New York, Springer.
  • Nagasawa, Yujin (2012), ‘John Hick’s Pan(en)theistic Monism’, in Sharada Sugirtharajah (ed.), Religious Pluralism and the Modern World: An Ongoing Engagement with John Hick, Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Nagasawa, Yujin (2011), ‘Anselmian Theism’, Philosophy Compass.
  • Nagasawa, Yujin (2010), ‘The Ontological Argument and the Devil’, Philosophical Quarterly 60, pp. 72-91.
  • Nagasawa, Yujin (2010), ‘Immortality without Boredom’ (with Lisa Bortolotti), Ratio 22, pp. 261-277.
  • Nagasawa, Yujin (2008), ‘A New Defence of Anselmian Theism’, Philosophical Quarterly 58, pp. 577-596. Winner of the 2007 Philosophical Quarterly Essay Prize.
  • Nagasawa, Yujin (2007), ‘Millican on the Ontological Argument’, Mind 116, pp. 1027-1040.
  • Nagasawa, Yujin and Tim Bayne (2007), ‘The Grounds of Worship Again: A Response to Crowe’, Religious Studies 43, pp. 475-480.
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  • Nagasawa, Yujin (2005)’I Can’t Make You Worship Me’ (with Campbell Brown), Ratio 18, pp. 138-144.
  • Nagasawa, Yujin and Nick Trakakis (2004) ‘Skeptical Theism and Moral Skepticism: A Reply to Almeida and Oppy’ (with Nick Trakakis), Ars Disputandi 4 .
  • Nagasawa, Yujin, Graham Oppy and Nick Trakakis (2004), ‘Salvation in Heaven?’ (with Graham Oppy and Nick Trakakis), Philosophical Papers 33, pp. 95-117.
  • Nagasawa, Yujin (2003), ‘Divine Omniscience and Experience: A Reply to Alter’, Ars Disputandi 3.
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  • Nagasawa, Yujin (2003), ‘God’s Point of View: A Reply to Mander’, the Heythrop Journal 44, pp. 60-63.


Sharada Sugirtharajah

  • Sugirtharajah, Sharada (2010), ‘Gandhi and Hick on Religious Pluralism: Some Resonances’, International Journal of Gandhi Studies.


David Thomas

  • Thomas, David (2011), ‘Miracles in Islam’, in G. Twelftree, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Miracle, Cambridge University Press.
  • Thomas, David (2009),’Christian Voices in Muslim Theology’, Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam 36.
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  • Thomas, David (2006), ‘Regard and Disregard in Early Relations between Muslims and Christians’, Chronos 14, pp. 7-30., pp. 7-30.


Heather Widdows

  • Widdows, Heather (2009) ‘A Murdochian Evil’ in Pedro Tabensky (ed.) The Positive Function of Evil, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 81-97.
  • Widdows, Heather (2007), ‘Christian Approaches to Bioethics’ in Richard Ashcroft, Angus Dawson, Heather Draper, and John McMillan Chichester (eds.), Principles of Health Care Ethics, 2nd Edition, Wiley Press, pp. 99-107.
  • Widdows, Heather (2004), ‘Religion as a Source of Moral Authority’, The Heythrop Journal 45, pp. 197-208.