Group members

Ultra Cold Atoms Research Group

July 2013

Cold Atoms Group 08/07/2012

From left to right:

Back: Andrew Hinton, Dr. Vincent Boyer, Lawrence Mudarikwa, Dr. Jon Goldwin, Jon Malcolm, Clemens Rammeloo, Dr. Plamen Petrov, Dr. Jochen Kronjaeger, 
Ole Kock, Dariusz Swierad, Charlote O'Neale, Chris Embrey

Front: Rob Culver, Chris Gill, Prof. Kai Bongs, Alex Niggebaum, Dr. Tristan Valenzuela, Nadine Meyer, Marisa Perea-Ortiz, Dr. Emanuele Rocco, Komal Pahwa, Dr. Anna Kowalczyk, Wei He, Quentin Durlin, Dr. Jeshpal Singh, Ashwin Kumar

(Missing in the picture) Mark Brannan, Huadong Cheng, Harry Proud, Lyndsie Smith and Matt Turnbull

May 2012


From left to right:

Standing: Dr. Jochen Kronjaeger, Dr. Vincent Boyer, Mike Holynski,
Matt Turnbull, Ole Kock, Dr. Tristan Valenzuela, Dr. Jon Goldwin, Jon Malcolm, Lawrence Mudarikwa, Chris Embrey, Steven Johnson and Alexander Niggebaum

Kneeling: Dr. Yeshpal Singh, Marisa Perea-Ortiz, Nadine Meyer, Prof. K. Bongs,
Dr. Plamen Petrov, Dr. Emanuele Rocco and Komal Pahwa.

(Missing in the picture) Mathis Baumert and Charlotte O'Neale

October 2008


From left to right:

Prof. Kai Bongs, Ole Kock, Nadine Meyer, Amy Rudge, Steven Johnson, Mathis Baumert, Mike Holynski, Dr. Jochen Kronjaeger.