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Training programme

The ambitions of our two training programmes are to develop a generation of scientists for whom the principles of physics, chemistry, imaging,molecular biology, bioengineering, physiology and data analysis form an intellectual continuum. 

copy-microscope-cropped-250Our work is designed to develop an understanding of the processes of image formation, image-enhancing agents, tracers and probes, and probe targeting. We build skills in image and data analysis and computational modelling, as well as developing laboratory skills and expertise in generic scientific methodologies. Our students gain a knowledge of cellular and molecular biology, bio-systems, normal physiology and disease processes, with an awareness of topical research in these areas. We believe that scientists with this broad skill-base will push the boundaries of the imaging disciplines and contribute to future breakthroughs in biomedical sciences.  


seminar-bright-cropped-250Since it is inherently cross-disciplinary, all our project work is supervised by scientists from different but complementary subject areas. Students work with physical scientists (chemists, engineers, physicists) with expertise in imaging techniques, biomedical materials, molecular probe and drug design, with computer scientists and mathematicians for the complex modelling and analysis of image-derived and other biomedical data, and  with life scientists drawn from the Schools of Biosciences, Medicine and Dentistry.

Training environment

Central to our philosophy is the provision of a training environment which supports team work and the development of long-lasting personal networks and professional contacts that will persist throughout the students’ future research careers. Typical activities include:  

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Contact us at sci-phy@contacts.bham.ac.uk

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