Cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychological research is largely conducted in the Behavioural Brain Sciences (BBS) Centre at the University of Birmingham.

The BBS Centre, housed in the Hills Building, was established in 2000 with state-of-the-art facilities including:

  • Eye trackerTwo TMS labs
  • Two 128 channel ERP labs
  • Four 3D motion analysis systems
  • Four eye movement systems
  • Full facilities for neuropsychological research

The behavioural neurosciences research group is also an active partner in the Birmingham University Imaging Centre (BUIC), which was established in 2005 and includes a 3T fMRI scanner, equipment for recording of EEG in the scanner, for TMS, for measuring eye and hand movements. 

Members of the Centre have been funded as an MRC Co-operative group since 1998 and as an MRC Collaborative group since 2005. These grants have supported the construction of a large neuropsychological test panel, with patients documented with full neurological and neuropsychological profiles. 

This panel also contributes directly to linked work on language, cognition and perception, and to work on social cognitive neuroscience.