Sensory motor function

The Sensory Motor Neuroscience Lab (SYMON)Some of our current work involves investigating motor learning in tasks involving adaptation to perturbed or displaced visual feedback of the hand position. We are testing the role of learning in motor coordination tasks using functional brain imaging.

The Sensory Motor Neuroscience Lab (SYMON) exists to promote interdisciplinary research into the sensory and motor systems of the human brain. Research takes place in both naturalistic and constrained settings, with synthesized environments (virtual reality) to examine the roles of different sensory cues in integrated perception and action. 

The Predictive Sensory Motor Lab (PRISM) is part of the Behavioural Brain Sciences Centre. We are working on questions of sensory-motor control, motor learning, coordination and motor cognition. The main thrust of our work is to look at the role of predictive processes in the human motor system.