Dr Carmel Mevorach

Dr Carmel Mevorach


School of Psychology

Dr Carmel Mevorach is a cognitive neuroscientist focusing on mechanisms of top-down attention control, which lie at the heart of various cognitive functions. His research also aims to unravel how individual factors (such as autistic traits or normal aging) mediate mechanisms of attention, including on the neural level.

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Professor M. Jane Riddoch

Professor M. Jane Riddoch

Honorary Professor in Cognitive Neuropsychology

School of Psychology

Jane Riddoch is a cognitive neuropsychologist whose research covers visual disorders (agnosia, optic aphasia), disorders of attention (neglect, extinction) and action (apraxia, action disorganisation syndrome) and neuropsychological rehabilitation. She originally trained as a physiotherapist, then took a degree and PhD in Psychology. She has published 150 papers in leading international journals ...


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Carmel Mevorach

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