Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education

Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education - BCRRE-  logoThese are exciting times for Railways. Society relies on railway systems more than ever before: they have become integral to how people live and economies grow in the 21st Century. At the BCRRE, we are having impact across the Globe to enhance the future success of Railways as a safe, fast, high capacity and environmentally and customer friendly transport mode. Professor Clive Roberts, Director of BCRRE


railways-at-birminghamThe BCRRE is involved in a wide range of research activities, underpinned by our multidisciplinary expertise.


Read about our latest activies in this exciting, challenging and crucial research area.


Undergraduate degrees

We offer a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in relation to railway engineering and systems.



Interested in getting involved and attending one of our railway engineering and systems seminars? Find out about our upcoming events.

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