People associated with the centre

Professor Chris Baker
Aerodynamics of trains, climate effects on the railway, pollution dispersal.

Professor Clive Roberts
Condition monitoring, asset management, systems engineering.

Professor Christopher Rogers
Deep stabilisation of track and embankments, trenchless technology.

Professor Felix Schmid
Railway systems engineering and systems integration.

Dr Min An
Safety risk and reliability assessment, modelling and tools, safety case.

Dr Michael Burrow
Maintenance management, asset management and geotechnical engineering.

Dr David Chapman
Monitoring of railway tunnels, high speed trains on soft ground.

Dr Haralampos Evdorides
Asset management systems, infrastructure performance modelling.

Dr Gurmel Ghataora
Stabilisation of track, geotechnical engineering.

Dr Colin Goodman
Multi-train simulators, traction drives, signalling design, EMC, condition monitoring, high level traffic management.

Dr Hassan Hemida
Computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis.

Dr Stuart Hillmansen
Vehicle simulators, hybrid traction systems.

Dr. Nilanjan Mukherjee
Power electronic converter design and control for energy storage integration in transport and grid application.

Dr Andrew Quinn
Aerodynamics of trains, climate effects on the railway.

Dr Mark Sterling
Aerodynamics of trains.

Dr Pietro Tricoli
Power converters for traction applications, energy storage devices, AC electrical drives

Dr Andrew Tobias
Network capacity, simulation, timetabling, systems engineering.

Dr Charles Watson
Teaching fellow

Dr Sakdirat Kaewunruen
Structural engineering, permanent way engineering, train-track interaction, systems & reliability engineering, finite element modelling, safety and risk, urbanisation.