Modelling and Computation

Dynamic modelling of railway substructure for very high speed railway

Current projects:

  • Three-dimensional finite element models
    1) Modelling of falling weight deflectometer with non-linear behaviour of the subgrade (ABAQUS Standard with UMAT)
    2) Behaviour of ballasted railway and its foundation under static and dynamic loading (ABAQUS Standard)
    3) Impact of dynamic loading of the bogie (ABAQUS Explicit)

  • Expert Systems for Effective Track Maintenance and Renewal Planning

  • Reliability evaluation and optimisation of imperfect inspections for a component with multi-defects

  • Optimizing Policies of Railway Ballast Maintenance and Renewal

  • Reliability analysis and maintenance decision for railway sleepers using track condition information

  • An integrated plan of ballast tampling and renewal to reduce whole life cost