Network management: capacity, operations and strategic planning

Academic staff

Railways have enjoyed a recent period of rapid growth and demand for new services is increasing. Railway infrastructure managers are looking for new ways to address the capacity problem and to forecast demand.Capacity and how to improve it are among the most significant concerns of many railways worldwide. However, there are several definitions of railway capacity and therefore attempts to improve capacity are dependent on the adopted methodology. Whether a line has reached its capacity and which are the attributes most critical to capacity constraints are often not straightforward to assess. Neither are the impacts of strategic changes such as privatization (1993) , the success of major projects such as the Channel Tunnel (1994) and the modernization of the West Coast Main Line (2007) or indeed, more generally, what any given country can reasonably expect of a railway network both now and in the future.

Current projects

  • Network Rail - A Systems View of Railway Capacity
  • MPhil Project - Strategic Change through Reorganization and Major Projects
  • PhD Project - Modelling of Rail Freight Demand