Systems Engineering

Safer European Level Crossing Appraisal and TechnologyAcademic Staff

Systems integration involves the consideration of how a set of components interact with one another during the entire life cycle of a system. An important step is the progressive linking of system components to merge their function characteristics into a comprehensive interoperable system. It is essential to analyse how components, stakeholders and processes interact to achieve a defined function.

Integrail projectThe railway group has applied these principles to a range of large scale multi-participant projects.

Current projects:

  • EC – Integrated Railway Data Management (InteGRail)
  • EC –Innotrack SP1 (System Engineering)
  • EC – Safer European Level Crossing Assessments and Technology (SELCAT)
  • Ontology based data modellingEC – Infrastructure Environmental Management (Infraguider)
  • EPSRC (RRUK) – Railway Cost Modelling (with Leeds and Imperial)
  • EPSRC (RRUK) – Dynamic Re-scheduling of Trains
  • Network Rail – Test and Simulation to Understand Conductor Shoe Dynamics
  • Network Rail – Railway Capacity Metrics
  • PhD Student – Safety Critical Design Processes using Constraint Satisfaction (with TRW Conekt)
  • PhD Student – Benefits of Adopting Systems Integration Approaches in Rail Projects (with Atkins)