Society, economy and environment

Town centre landscape busy with peopleThe Society, Economy and Environment Research Group in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences conducts theoretically and empirically informed scholarship aimed at understanding how social practices and relations are conditioned by space and place. The complex research challenges associated with such questions are explored at a variety of scales, with particular strengths in the European Union, post-socialist states and the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Social and cultural geographies: coping strategies, diverse communities, migration, education;
  • Urban geographies: regeneration, safety and security, inequality, resilience;
  • Energy: vulnerability, sustainability and geopolitics;
  • Enterprise and economic geographies: competitiveness, innovation, uneven development, and adaptation during periods of economic turbulence;
  • Environmental risk and governance: research questions spanning the boundary between the physical and the social sciences

We maintain a world-leading profile in several distinct thematic areas, including energy justice, socio-political transitions, connected communities, security design and diverse economies.

Our research has been funded by the UK’s Research Councils, the EU’s Framework Programmes, the Nuffield Foundation, the European Science Foundation, the United Nations, and a range of government bodies and charitable organisations from across the world.

We strongly engage with decision-makers, especially with regard to urban policies, renewable and low-carbon energy, nuclear waste management, fuel poverty, community resilience and climate change mitigation strategies.