Briefing papers


The Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management have produced a range of publications, briefing papers and e-Bulletins.

Briefing papers 2016

CHASM BP 4-2016 [PDF]
Beyond the binary of financial in/exclusion: Towards a spectrum of unsecured credit
Lindsey Appleyard, Karen Rowlingson and Jodi Gardner

CHASM BP 3-2016 [PDF]
Great Expectations: how realistic are political hopes for charity in a time of austerity?
Dr Beth Breeze and Professor John Mohan

CHASM BP 2-2016 [PDF]
It's just not simple. Why is tax so
Chris Evans

CHASM BP 1-2016 [PDF]
Benefit delivery and underpayment
Jodi Gardner and Karen Rowlingson

Briefing papers 2015

CHASM BP 12-2015 [PDF]
Becoming independent: the importance of housing for young people
Lee Gregory

CHASM BP 11-2015 [PDF]
The revival of private landlordism in the UK and the mobilisation of housing wealth
Richard Ronald

CHASM BP 10-2015 [PDF]
Is UK Banking
Andy Mullineux

CHASM BP 9-2015 [PDF]
Credit Unions in the UK: Balancing social benefit with economic
Zhulieta Dobcheva

CHASM BP 8-2015 [PDF]
Responsible Banking Ordinances for the UK: Making banking competition a 'race to the top'
Carl Packman

CHASM BP 7-2015 [PDF]
Who bears responsibility for the financial crisis?
James Dempsey

CHASM BP 6-2015 [PDF]
Is there (still) a problem with payday lending?
Karen Rowlingson, Lindsey Appleyard, Jodi Gardner

CHASM BP 5-2015 [PDF]
Financial Inclusion: Review of the 2015 General Election party manifestos
Ricky Joseph

CHASM BP 4-2015 [PDF]
Financial Inclusion: Review of Coalition Government Policies 2010-2015
Lindsey Appleyard

CHASM BP 3-2015 [PDF]
Tax Behaviour: A review of existing research
by Ekta Bhayani

CHASM BP 2-2015 [PDF]
SMART pensions in the UK: salary sacrifice and
by Margaret May

CHASM BP 1-2015 [PDF]
New survey research on public attitudes to wealth taxes
by Karen Rowlingson, Andy Lymer and Rajiv Prabhakar