The Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM) is the first university-based, interdisciplinary research centre to focus on:

  • Financial security
  • Financial capabilities
  • Financial inclusion
  • Taxation 

CHASM has three cross-cutting themes running throughout its research.

  • Variations across countries
  • The impact of demographic change, including population ageing
  • The role of the state, financial services sector, employers, third sector and individuals/families  

Current research

After the Taskforce: Monitoring Financial Inclusion (2012-2017)
Stephen McKay, Karen Rowlingson, Lindsey Appleyard and Ricky Joseph

Responsibilities, Ethics and the Financial Crisis (2012-2015)
Tom Sorell, Andrew Mullineux, Karen Rowlingson and Lindsey Appleyard

Mind the (Housing) Wealth Gap: Intergenerational justice and family welfare
Dr Beverley Searle

Previous research

Assessing financial literacy in secondary schools
Lindsey Appleyard and Peter Davies

Policy Commission on the Distribution of Wealth (2013)
Karen Rowlingson and Andy Lymer


After the Saving Gateway: How can social tenants be helped to save?
Ricky Joseph and Karen Rowlingson

Attitudes to inequality
Karen Rowlingson with Michael Orton of Warwick University and the National Centre for Social Research

Demographic change and housing wealth (DEMHOW)
John Doling

Children and financial capability
Karen Rowlingson and Lindsey Appleyard

Measuring material deprivation amongst pensioners
Steve McKay

Financial exclusion and ethics
Tom Sorell

Women's financial wellbeing pre- and post-retirement
Isabelle Szmigin with Fiona Carmichael and Joanne Duberley