Alan Murie

Alan Murie has been an Emeritus Professor at the University of Birmingham since his retirement in 2008 having been Professor of Urban and Regional Studies since 1995. He is a former Director of the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies and Head of the School of Public Policy at the University of Birmingham. He was previously Professor of Planning and Housing at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. He has participated in research and publication on urban and regional studies in the UK and Europe but the principal focus of his work is on housing provision and housing policy. This includes work on privatisation of housing, public and social rented housing. His most recent publications have addressed issues about the changing relationship between housing policy and the welfare state. He is currently a joint PhD supervisor of Steve Forrest and is working withProfessor David Mullins on a second edition of Housing Policy in the UK.

His publications include:

  • Making Competitive Cities(with S Musterd eds.),  2010
  • Moving Homes, 2008
  • Housing and the New Welfare State: perspectives from East Asia and Europe, (with Groves, R., and Watson, C.J. eds), 2007
  • Housing Policy in the UK, (with D Mullins) 2006
  • Neighbourhoods of Poverty, Urban Social Exclusion and Integration in Europe, (with S Musterd and C Kesteloot eds.), 2006
  • The Right to Buy(with C Jones), 2006
  • Housing Policy and Practice in China, (with YP Wang), 1999
  • Selling the Welfare State, (with R Forrest), 1988/90
  • Housing Policy and Practice, (with P Malpass), 5 editions 1982-1999
  • Housing Inequality and Deprivation, 1983
  • Housing Policy and the Housing System (with C J Watson, P Niner), 1976