Halima Sacranie. Honorary Research Fellow

Current Research Interests

Halima is an honorary research fellow at the Third Sector Research Centre, and has a strong interest in Housing and Communities research. Continuing her doctoral interest in the changing strategic direction and management of community investment in housing associations and hybrid third sector organisations, Halima’s current research involves both developing her PhD findings as well as new housing research in a number of commissioned projects in H&CRG. She is currently working with Professor David Mullins on case study research in the West Midlands as part of a national evaluation of the Empty Homes Community Grants Programme for Self-Help Housing (2012-15). This work is located within the TSRC Housing (Service Delivery) work stream and is co-funded by BSHF. Halima is also working with a large Midlands-based housing association on a project ‘Engaging Staff though Innovative Communications’.

Halima’s research within the housing and communities field aims to extend knowledge on the changing form of large scale hybrids that have emerged in the housing sector, as well as to complement research on small, community-led organisations such as self-help housing groups.


  • BAS (Hons), University of Cape Town, 2000.
  • MSc Business Studies (With Distinction), Aston Business School, Aston University, 2005.
  • PhD (ESRC Case Studentship), Urban and Regional Studies, University of Birmingham, 2011.

Publications and Working Papers

Sacranie (2013) Approaches to Community Investment in Housing Organisations: Where Institutional Logics and Organisational Cultures meet, TSRC working paper (forthcoming).

Sacranie (2012) Hybridity Enacted in a Large English Housing Association: A Tale of Strategy, Culture and Community Investment, Housing Studies, Volume 27, Issue 4, Special Issue: Social Enterprise, Hybridity and Housing Organisations (http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/02673037.2012.689691)

Sacranie, H. (2010) Strategy, Culture and Community Investment: Emerging Findings for a Large English Housing Association. European Network for Housing Research Conference 2010. Istanbul, 4- 7 July 2010.

Sacranie, H and Mullins, D. (2009) Corporate Social Responsibility and the Transformation of Social Housing Organisations: some puzzles and some new directions. European Network for Housing Research Conference. Prague, June 29 –July 2 2009.

Sacranie, H. and Mullins, D. (2008) “Competing Drivers of Change in the Regulation of HAs in England: A Multi-layered Merging Perspective” In Housing Studies Conference. York, 2 – 4 April 2008. Available from: http://www.york.ac.uk/inst/chp/hsa/spring08/presentations/Mullins%20&%20Sacranie.pdf.

Contact Details

Email: H.Sacranie@bham.ac.uk  
Tel: 07903938495