Clinical research 

Beyond our core basic scientific and technology strengths we have a vibrant academic clinical community within both the University and the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust (UHB).

There is world-leading biomedical and clinical research at Birmingham in the disease areas chosen for the Systems Science for Health initiative (cancer, inflammation and obesity), including:

  • the inaugural national CRUK Centre, associated clinical trials units with links to pharmaceutical industries and the MRC trials committees
  • a new proposed initiative for UHB to build on extensive strengths in defining features of chronic inflammatory disease
  • a Sport and Exercise Sciences focus via the Centre for Obesity Research.

Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth HospitalWe have one of the largest academic trust-based 'super hospitals' in the world being built on site and we reside in the second largest conurbation in the UK and amongst the largest urban populations in Europe. This gives access to 5.7 million people through tertiary care health models in Birmingham and an excellent infrastructure to collect and store material (e.g. CRF’s Biorepository).

The populace of this area is ethnically and economically diverse and provides a rich environment in which to translate University of Birmingham based research into phase I and II clinical trials and thereby cement the basis to instigate and lead national and international phase III clinical trials.