About DRDN

The Doctoral Researcher Diversity Network (DRDN) is the first cross-University network for PhD students (DRs) studying aspects of diversity and is supported by its Alumni Impact Fund. Our definition of diversity is quite broad, covering issues such as ethnicity, race, religion, migration, gender, age and other related dimensions.

The Network will provide opportunities for DRs to meet other DRs with shared interests through a series of networking lunches and workshops, develop new skills aimed at enhancing their employability, and provide opportunities to collaborate with each other across different disciplines. We aim to achieve these broad aims through a series of events, Masterclasses led by experts in their field and other activities. Above-all, we want to help DRs to achieve their ambitions whilst at the University and help build a cohort of world-leading diversity researchers.

What do we mean by diversity?

Professor Steven VertovecOur definition of 'diversity' is influenced by the work of Steve Vertovec who argues that the social landscape of Britain and other countries of immigration have been transformed in the past two decades. The arrival of migrants from many different countries, combined with longer established minority populations, has resulted in an unprecedented variety of cultures, identities, faiths, languages, and immigration statuses. These new patterns have emerged from greater speed, scale and spread of diversity than ever before. All these factors combine meaning that superdiversity presents unparalleled challenges and opportunities to policymakers and practitioners, as well as to businesses, communities and migrants.

We are committed to drive forward the research, practice and policy agendas around superdiversity, generating advanced, high quality research to underpin theory building, knowledge generation, policy making and public debate about the demographic, social, political and cultural changes brought by international migration, globalization and transnationalism and manifested in the increased complexity and stratification of contemporary societies.

Who are we?

DRDN is led by a small group of DRs from each of the Colleges and supported by the academic lead Aleksandra Grzymala-Kazlowska.

Committee members

Nicole Andrews (MDS)
Afridi Asif (CoSS)
Rukhsana Bibi (MDS)
Kamran Khan (CoSS)
Vita Terry (CoSS)
Sara Tookey (LES)

College contacts

We have identified doctoral researchers who have volunteered to be points of contact for their respective College:

  • College of Arts and Law
  • College of Social Science
    Sarah Kate Bennett
    School of Social Policy
    Email: sarahkategbennett@hotmail.com
  • College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
    Lenka Mudrova
    Computer Science
    Email: Lxm201@cs.bham.ac.uk
  • College of Life and Environmental Sciences
    Deyala Hammad Al-Tarawneh
    School of Sport and Exercise Science
    Email: Dha284@bham.ac.uk

    Maria Pomoni
    School of Psychology
    Email: MXP110@bham.ac.uk
  • College of Medical and Dental Sciences
    Farina Kokab
    School of Health and Population Sciences
    Email: Fxk660@bham.ac.uk

    Rukhsana Bibi
    School of Health and Population Sciences
    Email: Rxb250@bham.ac.uk

More information about DRDN forthcoming events