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The Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) works to advance and promote the University's expertise in the emerging field of superdiversity. We are the first institute in the UK and one of the first globally, to focus on superdiversity."

  Registration is now open for the 2014 Conference, 'Superdiversity: theory, method and practice in an era of change'.Register via our Online Shop.

Practitioner Research Recruitment 2014-2015  |

The 2014-2015 cohort will be recruited in June 2014. Practitioner researchers should be located within Birmingham-based organisations, work with, or be located within superdiverse community settings and have an interest in research and knowledge transfer. More information and application form.


Watch the latest videos of IRiS researchers from across the University, talking about their particular areas of research and how this fits in with the work of IRiS.

| Explore the social, economic and political impacts of international migration and examine current, proposed and ideal approaches to welfare provision in the era of superdiversity, by studying our MA Migration, Superdiversity and Policy.

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Irregular migrant crossings in the Mediterranean

Dr Nando Sigona from the Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS), was interviewed recently by Jon Sopel on the BBC World's Global on Melilla, Lampedusa and Fortress Europe.

IRiS practitioner researchers organise exhibition

All are welcome at this exhibition at the Barber Institute which is a snapshot of Birmingham's Chinese community captured through oral history interviews, photographs and other records.

Registration for the IRiS Conference now open

Register now for the 2014 IRiS Conference 23-25 June.

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