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The Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) works to advance and promote the University's expertise in the emerging field of superdiversity. We are the first institute in the UK and one of the first globally, to focus on superdiversity."

Watch the latest videos of IRiS researchers from across the University, talking about their particular areas of research and how this fits in with the work of IRiS.

| Explore the social, economic and political impacts of international migration and examine current, proposed and ideal approaches to welfare provision in the era of superdiversity, by studying our MA Migration, Superdiversity and Policy.

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Australia tweeted #illridewithyou - and showed great solidarity in moment of crisis

Social Policy's Dr Chris Allen writes for The Conversation, following the hostage taking in Sydney, when thousands of ordinary Australians turned to social media to spread a message of unprecedented tolerance and solidarity.

IRiS Seminar: Politics of the irregular situation

All are welcome at this seminar when Jacob Lind and colleagues from Malmö University will present their project on the human rights of undocumented children.

Watch Jenny Phillimore's inaugural lecture

Jenny Phillimore, Professor of Migration and Superdiversity and Director of the Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS), gave her inaugural lecture in September, 'Integration for who? Getting on in an era of superdiversity'.

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