IRiS is working to generate advanced, high quality research to underpin theory building, knowledge generation, policy making and public debate about superdiversity. We are addressing crucial issues related to: population dynamics, security, cohesion and integration, identity, global networks, citizenship, service delivery, well-being, social exclusion and the opportunities that a superdiverse society offers to support economic recovery.

'Researching the Crisis: IRiS work on the EU's handling of refugees and migrants

crisis-bookletThe EU's current struggle to find a sustainable and humane response to the refugee crisis at its borders is, among other things, a fascinating laboratory for researchers in this area. The crisis has highlighted the fragility of the so-called 'fortress Europe' and of the EU political project more broadly. But the arrival of thousands of refugees and migrants has not only strained the EU and the relationship between member states, it also brings renewal to Europe's ageing population and a new set of opportunities and challenges for European society as a whole.

The projects listed in this booklet offers a snapshot of IRiS' recent research on Europe's refugee and migration crisis and captures the spirit of the work we do which benefits from the combination of different disciplinary perspectives: academically rigorous, conceptually and methodologically innovative, forward looking and committed to supporting positive change by engaging with policy and practice.

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IRiS research is organised in five workstreams and one cross-cutting programme:

Theory and Method

Superdiversity challenges our understanding of society, and the ways we conceptualise and investigate a rapidly changing and increasingly diverse population. Terms such as 'race relations', 'integration' and 'multiculturalism' for different reasons, have come under scrutiny and are accused of no longer providing adequate frames for reading contemporary societies and addressing the opportunities and challenges produced by the diversification of diversity which is transforming immigration countries both in developed and developing economies. This research stream focuses on theories and methods which accompany the emergence of a new research agenda around diversity, cohesion and belonging.
Leaders: Dr Nando Sigona / Dr Aleksandra Kazlowska

Health and Wellbeing

Leaders: Laura Griffith, Michael Larkin and Antje Lindenmeyer

Language and Superdiversity

Leaders: Professor Angela Creese / Professor Adrian Blackledge / Dr Caroline Tagg

Enterprise, Policy and Innovation

Leader: Professor Kiran Trehan

Religion and Culture

Leaders: Professor Martin Stringer / Dr Chris Allen

Practitioner Researcher Programme

This ground-breaking Practitioner Researcher Programme brings policymakers and practitioners together with IRiS academics to collaborate around the development of innovative research projects embedded within practice settings.
Leader: Dr Lisa Goodson 

Our current projects explore important issues around integration and social capital, ageing and migration, multilingualism and superdiversity, civil society and community actions, destitution and inclusion, Roma, citizenship and rights, business advice and support for superdiverse SMEs, engagement in health programmes and planning for superdiversity.

We also have a Doctoral Researchers Diversity Network (DRDN) that brings together PhD students researching diversity related issues in a cross-college network which focuses on developing their research and academic skills and producing world leading diversity researchers.

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