Water Sciences

Lapland waterThe Water Sciences research group at the University of Birmingham undertakes pure, strategic and applied research within this dynamic and fast-moving topic area, to address questions of immediate concern to science, environment and society.The vision of the group is to 'advance the science of water for a changing environment'.

Water-dependent systems are diverse in nature (e.g. wetlands, streams/rivers, ponds/lakes and groundwater) and geographically widely distributed (poles to equator, low to high altitude). Many are characterized by habitats of high conservation value, which are under increasing threat of destruction and degradation. Fundamental understanding of the distribution, movement and properties of the Earth’s waters (and their relationship with the environment, including living beings, within each phase of the water cycle) is essential to addressing important practical issues related to socio-economic development, sustainable use of water resources, management of water stress/ risk, projection of future change and global water-food-energy security.

The activities of the group embrace the work of two long established research teams in Hydroecology and Hydrogeology, which were recognised as internationally excellent by the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise.

Research themes

We aim to advance understanding of surface-water and groundwater processes by undertaking interdisciplinary research at multiple scales that span:

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