Research themes 

We aim to advance understanding of surface-water and groundwater processes by undertaking interdisciplinary research at multiple scales that span:

To achieve our aim, we develop innovative approaches to monitor, analyse and model water-dependent system dynamics and associated processes. In addition, we aim to undertake research that transcends the science-social science interface in water policy and governance.

We are working at different spatial and temporal scales with research ranging from pore-scale, through small-scale field sites and drainage basins to continental systems and from days to millenia. Our field studies encompass a wide range of climatic conditions, from Arctic to alpine and tropical and a large spectrum of anthropogenic pressures from pristine to urban conditions.

Research by the group is funded by national (e.g. NERC, EPSRC, DFID, EA) and international sponsors (e.g. EU, ESF, IAEA) as well as industry and charities. We work with a wide range of stakeholders and other collaborators in institutions across the UK and overseas (for specific details see Research Area pages).

Members of the group hold key roles in various organizations including the International Association of Hydrological Sciences, International Association of Hydrogeologists, The Geological Society, Royal Geographical Society, Society for Freshwater Science, British Ecological Society, British Hydrological Society and UNESCO-IHP.