September 11th attacks

Did 9/11 change everything?


Dr Chris AllenDr Chris Allen

“The sheer magnitude of that one day makes it near impossible to respond to such a simple yet deeply profound question. Suggesting that 9/11 changed everything cannot adequately be communicated without resorting to exaggeration; suggesting that it did not, sounds little more than flippant or dismissive.”

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  • Alison Dingle
    1. At 9:08AM on 15 September 2011, Alison Dingle wrote

    Dear Chris, I accept you are writing for non specialists. But you may remember that the US were already planning to bomb Afghanistan as revenge for the USS Cole. (blown up in Aden) The big question of the last decade is 'why'. I suspect you could answer this question, please be a bit braver.

  • Christopher Allen
    2. At 12:57PM on 16 September 2011, Christopher Allen wrote

    Hi Alison...thanks for your comments.

    Obviously the piece is one perspective on the legacy and impact of 9/11. There are many alternative perspectives that one could take - a quick search of the press from last weekend shows how widely different these can be.

    My perspective was written to fit with my research from the past decade. Admittedly, this doesn't answer your overarching and enormous question 'why', but hopefully it provides an insight into why this particular approach and perspective was preferred.