The question Andrew Mitchell must answer (and it's not about 'pleb-gate')

UK aid to Rwanda


Dr Danielle Beswick, lecturer in International Development 

“The question that must be answered is this: on what basis did Andrew Mitchell make the decision to restore UK aid to Rwanda?"

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  • justin manzi muhire
    1. At 3:15PM on 18 October 2012, justin manzi muhire wrote

    The former international development secretary originally put a block on Britain's annual £37m contribution to the Rwandan government in July after visiting the Kivus region of the neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kagame's forces are facing accusations of arming the M23 rebels in the DRC and involvement in atrocities, including mass rape.Mitchell decided to unfreeze the aid to Rwanda last month, citing progress at the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region under the chairmanship of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the president of Uganda.

  • Christian Kenyatta Mirindi
    2. At 10:19PM on 20 October 2012, Christian Kenyatta Mirindi wrote

    I'raised a comment in critics to Fukuyama's view in his book END OF HISTORY "Democracy was social order that could bring about global harmony and universal equality” : In relation to the current situation In DRCongo with its neg-boring Rwanda in continuing infringe Congolese human rights (Killings of humans, rape,violation of domestic rights pondering its wealth... ) However the international community (Imperialism) has no concerned about instead continuing to support Kagame's regime in protecting the western state interests in the great lake region ( Africa), to day again a seat has been offered at UN security council. There is no doubt that the idea of democracy as social orders bring "about global harmony and universal equality" Has human kind lost sense? Where are we heading? a fair solution for all must be be implimentent before it’s late.

    Christian, I appreciate you raising the issue of Rwanda's election to the UN Security Council, just after the leaked UN report indicated its involvement in not just supporting M23 rebels, but in directing them. While I was appalled, I was not surprised by this development at the UN. Paul Kagame's government has been getting its way on the world stage for nearly two decades and the reasons are complex.

    The Rwanda issue raises so many questions about foreign aid and development, and what factors contribute to the willingness of developed nations and intergovernmental organisations to support regimes that fail at "good governance" (in this case, the Rwandan government's repressive relationship with its citizens, its failure to achieve true democracy, its failure to abide by international laws, and its lack of transparency). It seems to me that the fact that the Rwandan government has managed use foreign aid to boost economic growth, is the only thing that matters to many of its donors. But, we cannot forget that some of that economic growth can be attributed to the exploitation of DR Congo's mineral wealth. A 2001 UN "Report on the Panel of Experts on the Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources and Other Forms of Wealth of the Democratic Republic of the Congo" stated that President Kagame and Uganda's President Musevini "are on the verge of becoming the godfathers of the illegal exploitation of natural resourcs and the continuation of the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo." Eleven years after that report was released, the world continues to support Rwanda (until the heat from media coverage of the Rwandan government's crimes makes it necessary to withhold aid for a while, as has happened in the past few months). Why such an emphasis on economics at the expense of human rights and the rule of law?

  • Prince Kateta
    3. At 1:15PM on 12 November 2012, wrote

    This is a Conspiracy The Secretary went to Kivu Via Rwanda to set up a full support to the work of Rwanda government backing M23 Rebel group who are wanted by the International criminal court in Hayes.with a blessing of cheque of 16 Millions by Andrew Mitchell