Antibiotic Action

Addressing 21st century medicine’s greatest need


 Laura PiddockProfessor Laura Piddock

“There is a lot in a name and none more so than Antibiotic Action: The Arms Race. This global, UK-led initiative will this week, through an event at the House of Commons and delivery of a Petition to 10 Downing Street, call for action in what is unquestionably one of the most important crises modern medicine has faced.” 

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  • Amelie Kellens
    1. At 2:20PM on 18 November 2011, Amelie Kellens wrote

    We should not create more antibiotics, people should use less. The word says it all ANTI= against BIOS= life. By taking too many antibiotics (medication, contaminated meat & milk) a person's natural bacteria present in the stomach diminishes, leaving him/her more prone to other infections.

    Antibiotics are only to be used in very extreme cases and not given out like sweets as they have been for decades. Now, we are paying the price i.e Escherichia coli cases, a simple harmful bacteria that turns deadly on people who's gut & stomach are devoid of life!

    The questions is now 'who is sponsoring this action?'. Universities are infested with big company lobbying. And through this action we shall once again see the power of lobbying in the political domain. Sigh!