Mind the gap: What is missing in the autism research agenda?



Andrea MacLeod, Dr Karen Guldberg, Dr Lila Kossyvaki, Dr Despina Papoudi and Dr Kerstin Wittemeyer

“A better understanding of how autistic people think is vital if we are to produce viable interventions, say University of Birmingham experts.”

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  • Anne Gathoni Kungu
    1. At 11:36AM on 05 April 2014, Anne Gathoni Kungu wrote

    Autism is a misunderstood condition especially in Africa. I have written a short film (pre production stage) on the subject and i would like to learn more.

  • Sue Smith
    2. At 12:30PM on 09 April 2014, Sue Smith wrote

    I have just completed the Open University short course: 'Understanding the autism spectrum', and I have read your opinion with great interest, especially as Dr Wendy Lawson features within the course material.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your comments regarding the need for an improved autism research agenda for research into adults, and as such I hope to be able to contribute, through assisting with this research in the near future.