Better Policing Collaboration to link academics with practitioners



Dr Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay and Dr Jessica Woodhams

“Crime and policing has always been at the forefront of public debate. Yet academic researchers and practitioners have not collaborated as fruitfully as they might have to understand ‘what works’ by way of interventions and the costs and benefits of alternate interventions. There is however reason to hope that there will be a push towards more evidence-based policing.”

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  • Diljinder
    1. At 12:29PM on 24 February 2014, Diljinder wrote

    Policing is perhaps one of the most complex areas of government, invariably relying upon expert advice from a number of departments ranging from justice to welfare and health to education. I therefore welcome this collobarative 'joined-up' thinking approach between academics and practitioners. It will go someway towards achieving a sound and evidence-based policing policy.