Impact of events in Egypt on the EU

Can any lessons be learnt from the Arab Spring?


Michelle Pace

“The Arab Spring events in Tunisia, Egypt, and beyond since December 2010 have successfully challenged the institutional order. Egypt is now embarking on a long and uncertain journey towards a more democratic future. But questions remain regarding the role of the EU towards nascent democracies.”

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  • Moataz Attallah
    1. At 10:11AM on 09 February 2012, Moataz Attallah wrote

    It is important to highlight that the areas of support needed by the Egyptian are definitely not the areas where "the EU could fruitfully contribute", as suggested by the author of the article.

    Currently, the majority of the Egyptian people look suspiciously at all the Western attempts for contribution, especially the areas that were mentioned in the article (women’s rights, laws regarding Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), and police force reform). It will take sometime for the Egyptian people to forget that it was the West (USA and its allies in the EU) who left Mubarak's dictatorship to last for 30 years. As an Egyptian, I would expect a relatively tense relationship between the EU and the new Egypt, especially with the change in the type of the key political players.