Horsing around with the food chain: counting the cost of cheap meat


Dr Pamela Robinson

“The controversy over food fraud appears to be intensifying. New cases of horsemeat and other 'rogue' ingredients are now being discovered on the shelves of the major supermarkets almost every day. The question is where does the true responsibility lie?”

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  • Teneil Brown
    1. At 7:26PM on 16 February 2013, Teneil Brown wrote

    In light recent occurrence of adulteration and misrepresentation of food in the EU, I am inclined to agree with Dr. Robinson's argument in that there is urgent need to re-assess food control systems and food chain in parallel with the cost factor and the imminent risk of 'cutting corners'. I think the discourse and action ought to ensue in all countries in a bid to stave off similar occurrences the world over and expose and halt any such incidence. The perspective is well received and the viewed shared.