Isis and a new caliphate



Professor David Thomas

“The ultra-radical Islamist group Isis (the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham [Syria]) has declared that the territory they hold is to be a caliphate. In taking this step they have reverted to a model that has been the reality in parts of the Islamic world for most of its history. For nearly 1,400 years the caliph was head of the entire Islamic state. He often wielded unimaginable power, and always great influence.”

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  • George Hajjar
    1. At 3:01AM on 06 July 2014, George Hajjar wrote

    Good information shared here by Dr. thomas, well written.

  • alex
    2. At 8:41AM on 09 July 2014, alex wrote

    Dr T Do the ulemma concur on the obligatory nature of jihad to promote the faith? If so what implications does the establishment of the caliphate harbor for a declaration of offensive jihad in the current geopolitical climate? (i appreciate that these questions may be demonstrable of profound ignorance but it is an ignorance I am attempting to remediate)

  • Francesco
    3. At 10:09AM on 14 July 2014, Francesco wrote

    Thanks, I have learned a lot in a few paragraphs.

  • Leigh Manning
    4. At 5:28AM on 18 July 2014, Leigh Manning wrote

    ISIS are a group of murderous terrorists whose levels of brutality are such that they have managed to alienate al-Qaeda. The ideological rigidity of ISIS and other such groups means that further bloodshed is inevitable with or without a Caliphate. As ever, most of the people killed will be innocent men, women, and children.